The most shocking revelations in Jan. 6 trials aren't coming from charging documents: reporter
Robert Gieswein (Photo: DOJ indictment papers)

NBC News insurrection reporter, Scott MacFarlane, explained in a video uploaded to Twitter that one thing he has noticed is that the most egregious information in the cases of Capitol attackers isn't in the charging documents, but in their battle to be released before the trial.

In the video, he explained that he reviews every document published in the trials of those who beat police officers, chanted to hang Mike Pence and those who attempted to assassinate Democratic leaders.

"Some of the most compelling arguments from prosecutors — the most illustrative arguments — not coming in the charging documents but when they're trying to hold defendants in jail pending trial," he said.

He cited Robert Gieswein, a Proud Boy member, who is trying to get out of prison pending trial. He is accused of shooting three police with chemical spray, and MacFarlane explained that the prosecutors argued against his release characterizing his conduct as terrorism.

Ryan Samsel, who will be in court on Monday. He's trying to get his detention order changed after being accused of beating a police officer unconscious during the Jan. 6 attacks. In that case too, the federal prosecutors said things that weren't in the charging documents either. According to MacFarlane, prosecutors said Samsel has a history of knocking women unconscious, citing a former pregnant girlfriend he burned in the face and held under water.

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