California sheriff: Caller threatened to 'finish the job' at hospital after mass shooting
A nurse prepares a patient infected with coronavirus at the intensive care service of the Nantes CHU hospital, on May 19, 2020.( AFP)

L.A. County Sheriff Robert Luna revealed on Sunday that a caller threatened to go "finish" killing surviving victims of a mass shooting.

Luna spoke on Sunday hours after at least 10 people were killed and 10 more wounded at a Lunar New Year event in Monterey Park. A gunman opened fire on a dance studio Saturday night near the Lunar New Year celebration.

The sheriff explained why he was hesitant to give names or locations in connection to the case.

"We don't talk about specific hospitals," he said. "And I'm going to share a quick story as to why we don't. Earlier, it may have been mentioned that they were at a specific hospital and somebody called one of those hospitals to say something along the lines that they want to go and finish the job."

"That is absolutely horrible," Luna added.

“After a day of celebration, we are waking up to a nightmare. This is devastating beyond words. We cannot imagine the pain that so many families are experiencing today," Stop AAPI Hate stated in a news release. "Many people on our staff know this community well and feel connected to it. Our hearts are with the loved ones of all those whose lives were taken, those who were injured, and the countless others who were shaken by fear that no one should have had to experience."

Watch the video below from CNN.

California sheriff: Caller made threat after mass shooting