'Brain illness': Columnist hilariously tears Sidney Powell's CIA conspiracy theory to pieces
Fox News screengrab.

Reporter Jon Karl reveals in his new book that one-time Trump lawyer Sidney Powell believed that the former president's own CIA director had been involved in a plot to steal the election from him -- and that she'd been detained by the German government while trying to destroy the evidence.

New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait found Powell's claim to be so insane that he felt he needed to put her into a new tier of what he describes as "Trump lawyer brain illness."

In his latest piece, Chait breaks down exactly why it is off-the-charts crazy to believe that the CIA would send its own director to a foreign country to destroy evidence of vast election fraud.

"Powell's theory has a number of flaws," he argues. "Perhaps the most glaring is her premise that the agent the CIA would select to carry out its secret mission would be the agency's director. My understanding of the espionage world is that secret agents generally try to escape recognition. Maintaining your cover is considerably more difficult if you have appeared on television and in newspapers across the world identified as the director of the CIA."

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Chait concludes by listing the assorted tiers of "Trump lawyer brain illness" to show how Powell has now outclassed both former Attorney General Bill Barr and Rudy Giuliani.

"The mental-health spectrum of Trump lawyer crazy runs from Fox News Brain (Barr) to Newsmax Brain (Giuliani) to One America News Brain (Powell)," he writes. "Say what you will about Trump's managerial style — his legal team has truly been a Big Tent."

Read the whole column here.