MSNBC's Morning Joe and Mika disgusted by 'grotesque' new conspiracies spewed by Trump lawyer Sidney Powell

MSNBCs Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski expressed disgust at the latest conspiracy theories spun by former Donald Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.

The federally sanctioned attorney baselessly claimed Harrison Deal, a 20-year-old aide for former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) who was killed in a December car crash, was actually murdered in a "pure evil" plot against Trump, and the "Morning Joe" co-hosts were disgusted.

"That's enough," Scarborough said, after watching video of Powell's claims. "What is wrong? What is wrong with her?"

"Oh, my gosh," Brzezinski said.

"Harrison Deal was a campaign staffer for former Sen. Kelly Loeffler," Scarborough said. "Tragically, he died in a three-vehicle accident last December -- a human being. An Atlanta man was later charged with second-degree homicide by a vehicle -- just like some did with Seth Rich, and put Seth Rich's family through hell for months, maybe a year or so, now she wants to do to this poor young man's family. It's just grotesque. "

"I'm speechless," Brzezinski said. "I mean, you want to move forward, but these stories coming out of the former guy's administration, now these attorneys that are still at it, saying that this man was blown up, what more can you add to the context of this story and these people who keep doing this?"

Those conspiracy theories continue to fuel the narrative that Trump was robbed of re-election, which the panelists agreed would help generate enthusiasm for a 2024 campaign.

"I don't need to remind anybody around this table that he actually accused me of murdering somebody just because he was mad of what we were saying the beginning of COVID," Scarborough said. "[He] did not care that the young woman's husband wrote him and begged him to stop. The family begged, he doesn't care. It's the same thing with Seth Rich and that family. They allowed that to go out. Donald Trump could have stopped that in a second, but he didn't stop it in a second. He wanted his allies to spread any conspiracy theories. Let's see if he'll do it now. If he is, it'll be a first because he loves other people throwing stuff up against the wall, spreading conspiracies, doesn't matter where the conspiracies come from, they all join together in this toxic mess that hangs like a toxic cloud over American democracy, and actually convinces tens of millions of poor souls to believe that American democracy is rigged and that Donald Trump somehow won the election."

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