Sidney Powell is ‘in a whole lot of trouble’ after her latest legal maneuver: attorney

A former lawyer for Donald Trump is trying to wriggle out of a massive defamation suit by arguing that no reasonable person could believe her claims of election fraud -- but one legal expert told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that defense was dead on arrival.

Attorney Sidney Powell responded to the defamation complaint by insisting she had merely been sharing her opinion in multiple court filings, and argued that her claims were not meant to be taken seriously -- but Palm Beach state attorney Dave Aronberg said the Capitol insurrection disproved her defense.

"She's saying all of her crazy statements she made about this vast conspiracy was some harmless riffing and she didn't intend for anyone to actually believe her," Aronberg said. "Tell that to the family of officer Brian Sicknick, who lost his life in the Capitol riots. You know, she is part of the reason why the 'big lie' exists and was perpetuated, and these rioters were there because they believed in her lies. So now she says, well, anyone who believed her is stupid."

"There is no one who has more contempt for their own supporters than the leaders of the MAGA world," he added. "We've seen this before. Steve Bannon's 'Build The Wall' charity that he allegedly stole from, the effort to raise $200 million for the former president's legal fund to fight the election, when much of that money was diverted elsewhere, to even just the policy of taking away your own supporters' health care insurance in exchange for a promise that something bigger and better will come in two years, or two weeks."

Aronberg said the response exposed the weakness of Powell's defense.

"We've also learned that when it comes to election lies, the best truth serum is a multi-billion-dollar defamation lawsuit," he said, "and if this is the best defense that Sidney Powell can come up with, I think she's in a whole lot of trouble, and to borrow a phrase from Donald Trump, I think the ultimate civil judgment against her will be huge -- Y-U-G-E."

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