Sidney Powell claims in court docs she shouldn't be disbarred because 'perhaps' election conspiracies are real
Sidney Powell (Photo: Screen capture)

Top Donald Trump ally Sidney Powell is protesting the referral for her disbarment by claiming that it's entirely possible that everything she said could have been true.

In Aug. 2021, Powell and other lawyers faced sanctions after filing a conspiracy lawsuit in Michigan courts. U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker ordered Powell's legal team to pay $21,964.75 for attorneys' fees for defendants Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. She also said that Powell and other lawyers had to pay $153,285.62 for legal fees to the city of Detroit.

Now, Powell is asking the U.S. Appeals Court to reverse the sanctions because the charges could have been true.

Screen captures posted by Law & Crime's Adam Klasfeld show that Powell said that the District Court made it sound like everything they submitted in court was fraudulent. Worse, she said that the self-described "Kraken" lawyers seem like "overwrought, dangerous lunatics."

"But prior and subsequent lawsuits have pointed to very similar problems. And dozens of laws have been enacted by state legislatures in response to concerns similar to those raised in the complaint. Millions of Americans believe the central contentions of the complaint to be true, and perhaps they are," the filing says.

It's reminiscent of indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick both explained that the reason the state had to pass regulations to restrict voting was that people felt like there was voter fraud, even if it didn't exist. They wanted to renew confidence in the election, they explained.

See the screen captures of Powell's filing below:

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