Justice Department appears to be looking into sketchy fundraising scams like Trump's
Donald Trump at at Trump International in New Jersey (Shutterstock)

The Justice Department is investigating a fundraising practice that claims whoever donates will result in a match to the tune of 5 times. Axios reported Tuesday that the practice could amount to "material misrepresentations" if the match is nothing more than a lie.

Both parties use and nonprofits are notorious for it. But Trump and the GOP took the tactic to a whole new level last year when they said up to 900 percent of donations would be matched.

"A campaign that enlisted donors to put up five times the funds raised through one such matching offer would almost certainly be inducing those donors to exceed the federal limits on their own campaign contributions," said Axios.

So the Justice Department is looking to whether it violates the law. Lying to voters, however, isn't a crime, as evidenced by over 200 years of American politics.

In another case that hasn't drawn the DOJ's attention, President Donald Trump's campaign and political action committee (PAC) automatically checked boxes that signed donors up for further donations. The language was sketchy, claiming people should check the box to support Trump, but they didn't realize it was financially.

"This is the FINAL month until Election Day and we need EVERY Patriot stepping up if we're going to WIN FOUR MORE YEARS for President Trump. He's revitalizing our economy, restoring LAW & ORDER, and returning us to American Greatness, but he's not done yet. This is your chance - stand with President Trump & MAXIMIZE your impact NOW!"

In smaller print underneath the text above it said, "Make this a weekly reoccurring donation until 1/13."

Trump accounted for over 3 percent of fraud claims to credit cards in the United States in one month as a result. The same tactic is being copied by the National Republican Congressional Committee and even former Sen Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) was caught using the same scam until reporters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution started asking questions.

In the case of the NRCC, they told donors that if they stop giving monthly donations Trump will find out about it. Unchecking the box, it said, is declaring yourself a DEFECTOR and pray to "the radical left."

That has not become a case for the Justice Department as of yet.