Saturday Night Live destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene in brutal cold open

"Saturday Night Live" on Saturday hosted the show's 2021 premiere with host John Krasiniski and Machine Gun Kelly.

The cold open skit featured a show "What Still Works?" hosted by Kate McKinnon, who interviewed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), played by Cecily Strong.

Greene offered McKinnon a gun at the beginning of the interview.

The QAnon congresswoman was asked about what she believes.

"First off, I believe the Parkland shooting was a hoax -- the teachers were actors and the children were dolls. I believe 9/11 was a hoax -- did anyone actually see it happen? I've also told my supporters that they should physically murder Nancy Pelosi, she's this lady I work with," Greene said.

"Yes, I'm familiar, thank you," McKinnon replied.

"And, oh, this is the new one that just came out. I think the California wildfires were caused by Jewish space lasers," she said.

"So there are lasers in space that cause wildfires and the lasers identify as Jewish?" McKinnon asked. "Those are real things you believe and tell other people about?"

"People can google you and it will say she's a real member of the U.S. government?" McKinnon asked.

"That might not be the first thing that comes up, but yeah," Greene replied.

The skit went on to mock the GameStop stock trading fiasco before bringing on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The skit then examined the COVID-19 vaccine rollout with a recently vaccinated O.J. Simpson.

"Teachers can't get vaccines, but you did?" the host asked.

"That's correct," he replied.

McKinnon went on to interview Tom Brady, who was portrayed by Krasiniski.


What Still Works Cold Open - SNL