Antifa group allegedly leaks Sons of Confederate Veterans membership database
Confederate memorial (Shutterstock)

An anti-fascist organization claims to have dumped the membership database for the Sons of Confederate Veterans online, including the names of several Republican elected officials.

Atlanta Antifascists released the unverified document, which had previously leaked last year, in PDF form, showing one current Georgia state senator and several other lawmakers among the members of the neo-Confederate organization that glorifies the "Lost Cause" myth about the civil war and fights to preserve racist monuments.

"Current Georgia House of Representatives members Tommy Benton (District 31), Terry England (District 116), Alan Powell (District 32) and Rick Williams (District 145) were listed as 'active' SCV members circa 2017," the group said. "Benton is particularly notorious, having publicly argued in 2016 that the Ku Klux Klan 'made a lot of people straighten up.' Georgia House of Representatives member James A. Collins (District 68) also appears in the database but was not listed as an active member. Jeff Mullis, Georgia State Senator for District 53, appears as an 'active' member. Mullis was the driving force behind SB 77, a Georgia bill designed to protect Confederate/white supremacist monuments, signed into law in 2019."

The list dates from late 2016 to early 2018, and some members who left in March 2018 are still listed with email addresses for their official roles.