Sovereign citizen who claims 'police status' in his fake country gets arrested by real-world cops
A policeman (Shutterstock)

A self-declared "sovereign citizen" was arrested recently by real-world police officers in Thorntown, Indiana despite his declaration that he was not subject to American laws.

The Lebanon Reporter reports that a family who were members of the Moorish Sovereign Citizens organization earlier this month called police for help when their car ran out of gas as they were traveling through Thorntown.

When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that the vehicle was not properly registered and had a license plate stating it was from the "United States of America Republic."

Because of this, an officer told the family that the car would have to be impounded, which police say led to patriarch Carl Dowd to react angrily and to try to explain that American laws do not apply to their family.

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As the Lebanon Reporter notes, the Moorish Sovereign Citizens "consider themselves to be indigenous people to the Americas and not subject to laws enacted through European colonization."

This eventually led to the eldest of Dowd's children "swinging" at an officer and "nearly hitting him," according to the police report.

Dowd, who also informed police officers that he was a police officer for the Moorish Sovereign Citizens, was eventually arrested and charged with impersonating a public official and resisting arrest.

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