'Sovereign citizen' rioter shouldn't be allowed to present an alibi when video shows her storming the Capitol: prosecutors
Pauline Bauer, Capitol attacker (Photo: DOJ Court Documents)

Federal prosecutors are demanding that an accused Capitol rioter be forbidden from presenting an alibi in her trial because video shows her walking inside the building.

Pauline Bauer, a pizza shop owner from western Pennsylvania, was captured on surveillance video shoving police officers and calling for the hanging of House speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress during the Jan. 6 insurrection, and prosecutors want to limit the arguments she may present in court, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The 54-year-old Bauer has repeatedly made specious claims in court that she is a "sovereign citizen" who is not subject to U.S. law, and prosecutors clearly expect that she will introduce evidence outside the scope of facts in her case.

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They have also asked District Court Judge Trevor McFadden to prohibit her from presenting arguments that encourage jury nullification, which occurs when jurors acquit a defendant who they believe is guilty on the belief the law they're charged with breaking is not valid.

Prosecutors also want the judge to set deadlines for Bauer's attorneys to say whether she will present an alibi or an insanity defense, and then prohibit her from making those claims if the deadlines are not met.

Bauer was charged along with William Blauser Jr., a 75-year-old Vietnam veteran who was sentenced in February to pay a fine after pleading guilty.