WATCH: Tensions boil over after school board elects chair who called for burning books

The Spotsylvania County School Board in Virginia held its first meeting of the year, which according to NBC4 was wracked with "fiery jabs" and "squabbles between members" over their vote to appoint Livingston district member Kirk Twigg as the new chair.

Twigg supported banning and even "burning" some sexually explicit books from school libraries. Now, conservatives have a majority on the board thanks to his win.

"He has spoken about confidential [human resources] matters in open session. He is constantly using his AOL account to send and read emails throughout school board meetings. He wants to burn books," outgoing chair Dawn Shelley said.

Twigg's first move as chair was to oust the "well-regarded" Superintendent Dr. Scott Baker, who had agreed to leave at the end of 2022. The move was slammed by minority members who say Twigg acted illegally.

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"You have not stated any justification or ability to fill the position. You cannot even properly chair a meeting, but yet you're going to terminate a superintendent for no reason," Nicole Cole, a member from the Battlefield District, said. "How is this good for the students, the children of Spotsylvania County? How does this make sense? Spotsylvania citizens please recognize that you have not been given any valid reason."

A parent who spoke at the meeting told NBC4 that the tension is nothing new.

"It has been that way for several months. In this moment people are trying to shout me down, so I think people should be aware that that’s happening," she said.

Watch video below:

Spotsy School Board-Dr Baker fired