Pro-Stacey Abrams group comes out swinging against Brian Kemp in first campaign ad
Composite image of Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams (Photos: Facebook)

Gov. Brian Kemp made it through a Republican primary, despite efforts by former President Donald Trump to replace him with a more loyal, GOP candidate.

In the week since the primary election, Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams has gone full force into the general election.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that the "One Georgia" campaign committee is airing its first ad against Kemp, attacking him on his support for "criminal carry" gun laws and his anti-abortion stance.

“He rolled back women’s rights, vowing to make abortion a crime with 10 years in prison,” the ad's narrator says. "Just when we need to move forward, Brian Kemp keeps taking us back."

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The reference is to the 2019 "trigger" law that would ban abortion in Georgia if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. While some states are staying away from targeting pregnant women directly, Kemp at one point indicated support for laws that could throw women in prison if they seek to terminate a pregnancy.

After public outrage, Kemp decided he'd endorse laws that would only ban abortions once a "heartbeat" is heard. The so-called fetal heartbeat isn't actually detected until about eight weeks into a pregnancy, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Any flutter seen on ultrasounds is actually a small group of cells that will become the heartbeat. It isn't even an actual fetus at that stage, it's an embryo. Lawmakers have decided that these cells are a "heart" and falsely believe "life" is detected.

See the ad from One Georgia below: