GOP group cancels rally after facing furious backlash over Stacey Abrams flyer
Gage Skidmore

The GOP in Forsyth County, Georgia canceled a recent rally following an uproar after they distributed an anti-Stacey Abrams flyer that many found racist and insensitive.

According to WSB Radio Atlanta, the flyer was released by the Republican Party ahead of a planned Sept. 18 meet-and-greet for Abrams, the Democratic candidate for Georgia governor. The flyer called on "conservatives and patriots" to "save and protect our neighborhoods, our communities, and our country" from "destructive radicalism and socialism."

The flyer went on to say that Abrams, along with Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, were "comrades of hate and division" that would be "crossing the border" into the county for the event. As a response, the flyer encouraged people to line the streets with anti-Democrat signs, and the GOP planned their own rally to coincide with Abrams' event.

Backlash to the flyer was swift and immediate, with local politicians and social media alike calling out the Georgia GOP for the ad's racist overtones.

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“I was so angry,” Forsyth County Democratic Party chair Melissa Clink told WSB Radio. “Angry that people would try to use what has happened in Forsyth County in the past to kind of install fear into people of color coming to the rally.”

“It wasn’t that very long ago when it was violent in Forsyth County when civil rights leaders came to town,” she added. “So we want to make sure we condemn it.” Her words were referring to events in 1912, when an angry mob forced around 1,100 African-Americans to flee Forsyth County.

Following the anger, Forsyth County GOP officials released a statement confirming that they had axed their event.

“Forsyth County is a proud and diverse county with conservative values,” the group said in a press release. "After much deliberation and consultation, we have decided to redirect our efforts for the rally planned for Sunday. We will always honor to strive and protect Forsyth County. In the interest of all involved, we will err on the side of caution and withdraw our planned rally."

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The statement went on to claim that Forsyth County was "a great place to live because of Republican leadership on the local and state level."

The meet-and-greet with Abrams went ahead as scheduled.

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