Florida racist goes berserk after Black man looks his way
Stephen Ray Wieczkowski

A Florida man hurled racist abuse at a Black man as he tried to run him over during a violent encounter outside a gas station.

Stephen Ray Wieczkowski, of Fort Myers, was charged with aggravated assault and two counts of damaging property after the incident Thursday, when another man said the 26-year-old followed him to his apartment complex and demanded to know why he'd looked his way, reported WBBH-TV.

The Black man told police that Wieczkowski called him the N-word and threatened to beat him up, tore off his car mirror and broke the rear window before trying to strike the victim with his car.

The victim managed to jump out of the way and Wieczkowski crashed into his car instead.

Wieczkowski then got out of his car, tore off his Tampa Bay Buccaneer jersey, kicked off his flip flops and tried to fight the Black man.

He grabbed a nearby yellow Kawasaki motorcycle that belonged to someone who wasn't involved in the incident and knocked it to the ground, which caused some damage.

Wieczkowski was jailed in Lee County on $35,000 bond, where he remained through Sunday, when the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl championship.