Steve Bannon claims Facebook whistleblower is 'psyops' conspiracy to destroy MAGA
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon suggested on Tuesday that Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is part of a "psyops" campaign to destroy former President Donald Trump's MAGA movement.

Bannon spoke out on his daily broadcast as Haugen was testifying before a Senate hearing on Facebook's history of putting profit over its users' health.

During an interview with GETTR CEO Jason Miller, Bannon alleged that Haugen's testimony was a psychological operation to "shut down the [former] president's movement."

But Miller disagreed.

"People are going to look back at what's happened the past two weeks with the Facebook whistleblower, with what's happening with the Wall Street Journal exposé," Miller said. "The hearing that Marsha Blackburn is leading in the Senate right now, this is the Goths sacking Rome."

Bannon pushed back by pointing to Haugen's 60 Minutes interview as evidence of "psyops."

"You do agree that this is psyops?" Bannon asked. "This whistleblower is not really -- she's dumping MAGA information. Correct? I agree the Goths are sacking Rome. But the oligarchs and the mandarins in the mainstream media are trying to protect this by taking down the Trump movement."

"Two things can be true at the same time," Miller agreed.

The GETTR CEO went on to suggest that a 5-hour Facebook worldwide outage on Monday had been a conspiracy orchestrated by Facebook.

"The fact that a company that big, that powerful would do some multi-platform upgrade all at the same time for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp -- it's absurd. It defies logic, Steve. I'm not buying it. I'm not the hardcore Area 51 truther but I'm saying people aren't talking about targeting pre-teen girls anymore."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.