'This is Soros at work!' Steve Bannon blames liberal financier for Waukesha parade murders

Indicted Trump ally and podcast host Steve Bannon on Monday blamed liberal financier George Soros for the horrific attack on parade goers in Waukesha that left five people dead and dozens more injured.

During his Monday podcast, Bannon accused Soros of supporting criminal justice reform efforts in the United States that he claimed allowed alleged assailant Darrell Brooks Jr. to go free this weekend despite a lengthy criminal rap sheet.

"You think Soros feels their pain?" Bannon asked. "You think Soros cares what he's done to these cities or these prosecutors? The guy tried to run over a woman on Friday! If he'd been held, Sunday would have never happened, the parade would have gone on!"

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Bannon went on to suggest that Soros wanted to see people run over with cars.

"This is Soros at work!" he said. "If you'd like that to continue, if you like this crime, if you like this anarchy, in this case keep voting for it! Defund the police!"

Watch the video below.

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