'A Trojan horse': Ex-prosecutor warns Bannon's possible testimony could be a ploy to wreck J6 probe
White House chief strategist and former Breitbart.com executive Steve Bannon. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," former prosecutor John Flannery sounded off a warning that Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon's reported possible change of heart on the January 6 Committee could be a trap.

Bannon, according to The Washington Post, is considering coming in to testify after being indicted for contempt of Congress — and as Trump considers signing a letter that waives the purported executive privilege Bannon was using as a justification.

But, said Flannery, there might be another, darker reason why Bannon suddenly has a change of heart.

"I want to remind people, it doesn't matter whether the committee still technically exists later ... he could very likely end up in prison, which I think his lawyers warned him," said anchor Ari Melber. "How do you interpret what seems to me to be a pretty major Washington Post story tonight, Friday night, John, that basically suggests that as soon as tomorrow, Bannon might fold and try to cooperate?"

"Cooperate is where I stop, because I have to see it," said Flannery. "Consider the fact that executive privilege is granted by Biden, the present president, and so it is irrelevant that Trump does this, so why does Trump do it? Trump does it because that is what Bannon has said already and he wants it to happen and why does he want it to happen since they both know what they did together?"

"So, my feeling as a prosecutor would be this is a Trojan horse, coming into spread nonsense and to try to come in from inside, blow up the investigation," said Flannery.

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John Flannery says Steve Bannon could be planning "Trojan War" on J6 Committee www.youtube.com