Bannon gets mocked to his face post-conviction: 'This doesn’t seem like the misdemeanor from hell'
Steve Bannon speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference / Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Steve Bannon was ridiculed on Friday for not following through on his bluster after he was convicted of refusing to obey a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee Investigating the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol.

In November, after Bannon was released after being charged, he boldly predicted he would turn the tables on everyone seeking to enforce the subpoena.

“I’m telling you right now, this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell for Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden," Bannon predicted. "We’re going on the offense, we're tired of playing defense, we're going to the offense on this and stand by."

But Bannon did not go on the offense and was convicted without calling a single witness.

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After his conviction, Bannon again spoke with reporters outside the courthouse with lots of bluster.

"This didn't seem like the misdemeanor from hell, Mr. Bannon," a reporter shouted. "What happened?"

Following the gaggle, CNN's panel discussed the question.

Alisyn Camerota said it was "funny" because Bannon was "full of bluster and swashbuckling and then we didn't hear, you know, he didn't speak at his own trial."

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"Yeah, it's kind of amazing how far it was from that," CNN's Sara Murray said.

"He ultimately did not put forward a defense, he did not take the stand on his behalf, they did not call witnesses," she noted. "There was, as always with Steve Bannon, a whole lot of bluster going into this. Certainly, it was not the misdemeanor from hell at this point for Nancy Pelosi, I think that's fair to say."

Watch video below or at this link.

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