Steve Schmidt blows conservative out of the water for claiming Putin was 'frightened' of Trump

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to send troops into Donetsk and Luhansk as part of his incursion into Ukraine, National Review editor-in-chief Rich Lowry tweeted out that Putin likely made the move because Trump is out of office and the Russian strongman was "frightened' by the ex-president's unpredictability.

That, in turn, led to a scathing response from former Republican campaign consultant Steve Schmidt, who let Lowry know, in no uncertain terms, that he regards Trump as "a whore ... who would sell out his country; her values and ideals for nothing but flattery."

As Lowry sees it, "The sheer unpredictably of Trump, his anger at being defied or disrespected, his willingness to take the occasional big risk (the Soleimani strike), all had to make Putin frightened or wary of him in a way that he simply isn’t of Joe Biden."

Schmidt begged to differ in a tweetstorm that began, "This is a world view I have never understood. Trump is the most predictable person in the world. He is as predictable as the Sun setting in the west and rising in the east. There is no mystery around Trump. How could there be? The idea that Vladimir Putin was kept guessing by Trump is lunacy."

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He then added, "What Putin saw was strategic incoherence shaped by a vast ignorance of the world," before later adding, "Trump fetishized the world’s strongmen and lambasted our allies. He was as indifferent to repression abroad as he was to democracy at home. He was a Buffon set loose upon the stage and everyone played their part."

At the end Schmidt took a veiled swipe at the longtime National Review editor by writing, "He [Trump] has blighted the culture for more than 40 tedious years. In all that time, it wasn’t until he got to Washington DC that he found marks naive enough to believe there is an actual strategy to it all."

You can see all the tweets below:

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