Steve Schmidt goes scorched earth on Don Trump Jr. over his election theft texts
MSNBC screenshot/AFP

In a series of Saturday tweets -- loaded with all caps for emphasis-- former GOP campaign consultant Steve Schmidt disabused Don Trump Jr of any notion that he wielded any power over the U.S. government in response to the son of the former president's texts to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows right after Trump's re-election bid crashed and burned.

Responding to a CNN report that stated that Don Jr. texted Meadows that there were multiple paths the now-former president could take to remain in power, Don Jr added, "We control them all.

As Schmidt made perfectly clear in his Saturday tweetstorm, Don Jr. is only notable because of who his father is and seemed to have a delusional opinion of his power over the machinery of government.

According to Schmidt, "CHEAT SHEET: The United States of America is the OLDEST CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC IN THE WORLD. The AMERICAN PEOPLE are SOVEREIGN. This means they are in CONTROL. The AMERICAN People~NOT the people they elect are in CONTROL."

He later added, "A President's SON has no standing in this land. He holds no TITLE and no HONORS . He is simply a citizen. NO MORE and NO LESS than any other CITIZEN. He has no authority, no special privilege. HE CONTROLS NOTHING."

"The FACT that @DonaldJTrumpJr speaks like that shows his malice and autocratic heart. He speaks in the language of political violence. It is the language of PUTIN. American Presidents and their sons control nothing," he tweeted before adding, "Trump jr showed in real time how much Trump, his aides and family hate that idea. These people must never hold any position of power or public responsibility ever again."

You can see his tweets below:

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