Steve Schmidt issues a dire warning as Tucker Carlson hands Trump dangerous new talking points
Steve Schmidt and Tucker Carlson. (MSNBC screenshot/Fox News screenshot)

In a series of tweets on Friday morning, former Republican campaign consultant Steve Schmidt took Fox News personality Tucker Carlson to task for taking his show on the road to Hungary where he did a fawning interview with President Viktor Orban with a plan to give a speech on Saturday for far-rightists in Europe.

According to Schmidt, Carlson is using his Fox News pulpit to attack American democracy and - in the process - provide Donald Trump and white nationalists with a new battle plan and talking points.

As the New York Times' Jamelle Bouie recently wrote, "To critics, Orban's Hungary is corrupt, repressive and authoritarian, a place where democracy is little more than window dressing and the state exists to plunder the public on behalf of a tiny ruling elite. To Carlson, it's a model for the United States, a showcase for anti-immigrant policies and reactionary cultural politics."

In his tweetstorm, Schmidt echoed those comments.

Writing, "@TuckerCarlson in Hungary, slandering the character of the American people with a not so subtle rejection of American democracy thrown in is such a moment," he explained. "It seems so obvious now, the inevitability of the overt embrace of a replacement theory for the American system of Government. A great and brilliant bloom of fascism, undressed, naked and in the open has blossomed across America and Europe this week."

Writing Carlson "solved a very difficult dilemma for the American Nationalist cause, Trump its' leader, and millions of its devotees, Schmidt added Carlson, "understood they stood on indefensible terrain and needed to move to new ground."

"They have dropped democracy from the equation and have declared there is a replacement, " he wrote. "It will embrace freedom and a defense of civilization as its cause. In the name of freedom it will establish an intellectual framework to justify minority rule and the distribution of power amongst a few over a lesser than majority."

According to Schmidt, Carlson is not alone in his endeavors.

"Newt Gingrich has fully embraced white supremacist replacement theory on @FoxNews and he isn't alone," he wrote. "Dozens of conservative writers are authoring manifestos for the New Right. I believe

"@TuckerCarlson means every word. He has the skills and the platform to spread this poison to every crevice in the country. This must be confronted. Now. Immediately. It must be opposed by all and any peaceful means."

You can see all of his tweets below: