'A great week for us': Stewart Rhodes' ex-wife happy he's behind bars where he 'can't hurt' her family
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Oath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes may have been sentenced to 18 years in prison for his role in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol — but the damage he has done, and could do, is still tremendous, his ex-wife Tasha Adams told CNN's Abby Phillip on Thursday.

Despite this, she said, she is glad he is in a place where he is not a danger to her family anymore.

"You have known Stewart Rhodes for a long time," said Phillip. "You know, deeply, this organization, the Oath Keepers. Knowing that for the next 18 years, you and your six children can live your lives with Stewart Rhodes behind bars, how do you feel about that?"

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"I'm very happy about it," said Adams, who has previously detailed Rhodes' physical and emotional abuse against her and their children. "It's been a great week for us as a family. We are happy to feel safe. We are happy he is in a place where he can't hurt us, he can't hurt anybody else. Of course, there's that dark cloud looming of a pardon, depending on who gets in office next or even beyond that, the next election. There's some reason for concern. But other than that, it's been great to feel safe really. It's been — my divorce was finalized this week after five and a half years of trying to deal with that. It's been a lot at once."

"Are you worried at all that if Rhodes were pardoned, there would be risk of another potential January 6?" asked Phillip.

"Absolutely," said Adams. "This is Stewart's life's work. This is what he does. He is incredibly brilliant. Completely manipulative. He is good at what he does. He will just regroup immediately. I guarantee he also has plans in the works for as soon as he is out. He will do this again until he creates the chaos he wants to create."

"Today, Rhodes stood up in court and he called himself a political prisoner," said Phillip. "He equated himself to the former President Trump, members of Congress have use that same term, 'political prisoner,' to describe January 6 defendants. What should they know about your ex-husband before they go and champion the cause of those people? I guess I should say, it's not just lawmakers. I think there are probably millions of people, millions of their supporters who do view January 6 prisoners as political prisoners."

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"I would want people to know that Stewart Rhodes in particular, but a lot of these leaders on January 6 have a lot of similar personality traits," said Adams. "Stewart has destroyed the lives of everyone he touched, not just his political enemies. He has destroyed the lives of people on his own side. There are hundreds of people who desperately, desperately wish they had never gone to the Capitol on January 6. They don't know what they were thinking. They don't know why they let themselves get talked into this kind of thing. There is nothing that Stewart Rhodes or anyone like him can bring to anyone except more destruction. That's what they are in it for. That's the goal. That's all he is interested in."

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