'The election was unconstitutional': Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes testimony goes off the rails
Stewart Rhodes (Photo by Nicholas Kamm for AFP)

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes took the witness stand on Friday and declared that he supported a "right to riot" while also declaring the 2020 presidential election "unconstitutional."

Politico's Kyle Cheney reports that Rhodes, who is on trial for allegedly engaging in a seditious conspiracy for his role in instigating the deadly January 6 Capitol riots, made a Freudian slip on Friday when he told the court that "I support the right to riot," before he quickly caught himself and said he supported the right to protest.

After this, Rhodes' attorney asked him to discuss his feelings about the 2020 election, and Rhodes didn't hide that he believed it to be wholly illegitimate.

"I believe the election was unconstitutional," he said. "That made it invalid."

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Rhodes went on to claim that changes made to mail-in voting rules to accommodate voters during the novel coronavirus pandemic were purportedly illegal, even though no court ruled that those changes should invalidate the final results.

Earlier this week, jurors heard audio clips of Rhodes taken after the January 6th riots in which he said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have been hanged from a lamp post, and he also expressed his regret that he and his fellow militia members did not bring weapons with them to the Capitol.