Trump-loving GOP poll watcher stammers after CNN reporter fact checks him in real time
Elle Reeve, left, fact checks John Child, right (Screen caps via CNN)

John P. Child, the Republican Party Precinct Committeeman in Radnor, Pennsylvania, tried to pass bogus information about mail-in ballots to CNN reporter Elle Reeve -- but she quickly shut him down with a real-time fact check.

During an interview with Reeve, Child said that it was his job as a poll watcher to look for suspicious activity around mail-in ballots, which he said were the cause of fraud in Pennsylvania during the 2020 presidential election.

"In Pennsylvania, there were 1.8 million mail-in ballots that went out, two-and-a-half million come back," he said. "There's a, hello, a question, maybe?"

"Are you sure about that?" asked a skeptical Reeve.

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"Yeah," he replied. "Look it up, sure."

"Can we Google it?" she asked him and then proceeded to pull out her phone.

At this point, Child started to stammer.

"Uh, Google it, I wouldn't, yeah, you..." he rambled.

"OK, so the first result is from the AP," Reeve informed him while looking at her phone. "AP's assessment: False. In the weeks before the November 2020 election, more than three million Pennsylvania voters requested vote by mail."

Child did not back off his claim that the 2020 election was stolen, however, and he presented Reeve with materials he'd been given at a recent GOP poll-watcher training session.

"My head was spinning by the end of it!" he said. "It's a rabbit hole!"

Watch the video below or at this link.

Trump-loving poll watch stammers after reporter fact checks him in real time