WATCH: Trump supporter at the Capitol on January 6 now calls 'Stop the Steal' movement a 'cult'
Keith Scott (CNN).

In an interview with Elle Reeve aired on CNN's "OutFront" Wednesday evening, Keith Scott, a Georgia Trump supporter who was present at the Capitol during the attack on January 6, admitted that he had been sucked in by a "cult" with the Stop the Steal movement.

"I felt like a proud patriot on that day," said Scott. "It's not popular to say, but that's what I felt like. Then just some crazy fight scenes started happening."

"Did you think, are we the bad guys?" asked Reeve.

"I thought, this doesn't end well," said Scott.

"What made you realize this was a cult?" asked Reeve. "This is deeply immoral behavior. It is not patriotic either."

"So after January the 6th, I came here, I kept mumbling, I felt like I just got out of a cult," said Scott.

Notably, Scott made clear he still believed the election had been stolen — largely because he did not believe Black voters could possibly have been that engaged with politics to turn out in the necessary numbers where he lived to win Georgia.

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"In that demographic, it's a poor area. It's predominantly a Black area," said Scott. "You will never be able convince me they were sitting around watching CNN and Fox News and all these things and that's what they were most concerned about, was the election and getting their ballot in. If you ask people, is Joe Biden going to get more of the Black vote than Barack Obama? People would say no and Biden supposedly did. It doesn't make any sense." (In fact, Pew Research found Black voters voted 95 percent for Obama in 2008 and 92 percent for Biden in 2020.)

"What makes it frustrating is that though he calls it a cult, he still believes much of the cult's propaganda and still excuses its actions," noted Reeve. "Because our crew was in the middle of the violence, it's hard not to have Keith say it was wrong and he's sorry. Which isn't really fair, because no one with power said they were sorry."

Watch below:

Elle Reeve interviews Trump supporter who admits to being in a "cult"