Most Republican voters oppose 'providing more funding and weapons to Ukraine'
Residents receive supplies in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson BULENT KILIC AFP

A recent NBC News poll showcases that 63 percent of Republicans surveyed directly opposed "providing more funding and weapons to Ukraine." Only 32 percent of the Republicans supported additional support of Ukraine via capital assistance and weapons.

The sentiment comes as it is widely expected that Russia will increase air bombings and ground assault across Ukraine to celebrate the first anniversary of its invasion. It has been widely reported that President Joe Biden plans to give a series of pro-Ukraine comments at his State of the Union address.

These newest numbers come at an inopportune time when an even more aggressive China has now taken the top spot in U.S. foreign policy diplomacy worries with both its provocative behavior towards the United States and its growing presence across Latin America and Africa.

The Republicans, who have a well-established track record of government spending, are now playing the fiscally conservative role when it comes to spending with Ukraine, building upon former President Donald Trump's heavy praise for Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

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This has led to a minimization of the Russian military threat to the United States within the Republican party and a redirection to China is what many GOP leaders have seized upon already during the Spy Balloon saga.

Across the Republican party, there even has been growing public conversation about allowing Russia obtain current portions of Ukraine as part of a possible peace deal to end the war. This is because Republicans have a less favorable view of how the war is going for Ukraine as only 42 percent of Republicans think Ukraine is winning compared to 61 percent of Democrats, according to a Fox News Poll. The same poll found that Republicans are less like to believe the United States "has a true stake in the war."