'Worse than stupid' SCOTUS ruling on guns is like 'a middle finger to New York': Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg (Photo: Screen capture)

"The View's" Sunny Hostin is fearful that the bill the U.S. Senators agreed on to better regulate guns will be challenged in court after the U.S. Supreme Court voted down a New York law that has been in place for over 100 years.

The way that the decision was written by Justice Clarence Thomas led Hostin to believe that it ultimately expands the Second Amendment and will eliminate regulations across the country.

Whoopi Goldberg called it "worse than stupid" and more like "a middle finger to New York" as the state tries to fight for safety in one of the largest US cities.

"It will be the law of the land, and it does expand the Second Amendment as we know it because, in 2008, [Antonin] Scalia first wrote the opinion, and that was the Heller opinion, and it was based on the fact that you could have your gun in your home to protect the sanctity of your home and the people of your home, and I think a lot of people really agreed with that. The Supreme Court gave us the individual right to bear arms, something that people didn't necessarily read into the Constitution. Now Clarence Thomas, writing for the supermajority 6 to 3 now writes, well, you can take that right outside of your home."

"It's only states' rights when it comes to your body or mine," said Goldberg.

Hostin went on to explain that she thinks the gun reform legislation is "dead on arrival" now.

"Any legislation that is passed -- I don't think it's going pass and it will be challenged in court, and the Supreme Court now has said you have the right to carry a gun if there's a self-defense reason any time, any place, anywhere," said Hostin. "In my view, even if it goes through, it'll be challenged in court, and I think it won't be successful if you challenge gun reform."

Ana Navarro couldn't help but note how out of touch the Court is with the demands of the country.

"To me, what this decision is, is tone-deaf to the very American epidemic and reality we are living. we are in a state where just a month ago there was a mass shooting at a supermarket where people are not safe. we are at a time in American politics where the pressure and the outrage by Americans, the majority of Americans is such that we're finally seeing bipartisan movement in the Senate, and on crafting a gun reform legislation," said Ana Navarro after reading the dissent by Justice Stephen Breyer.

She continued showing a clip of Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who told the press that the NRA is a "business" and their "business model" is all about opposing any and all legislation that adds regulations to guns. Navarro said that Cornyn essentially "said the quiet part out loud."

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