OAN lashes out at Eric Swalwell for calling God a woman: 'He should not be trying to lecture people'

Conservative media outlets Fox News and OAN criticized Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) after he recently suggested God is a woman.

Following Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, Swalwell told MSNBC that most Republicans would not have voted to convict the former president if "God herself" intervened.

Fox News reacted with an article arguing that Swalwell should not have been allowed to present the case against Trump to the Senate.

"Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., on Sunday suggested that God is a woman while discussing the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump," the Fox News report said. "Swalwell served as the House impeachment manager, trying to convince at least two-thirds of the Senate to convict Trump. His role in that capacity raised some eyebrows from a few Republicans, given allegations that Swalwell consorted with a suspected Chinese spy."

On Monday, OAN also seemed to connect Swalwell's reference to a female deity to the "Chinese spy" controversy.

"Embattle Congressman Eric Swalwell of California appears to suggest God is a woman," an OAN presenter explained. "In an interview, Swalwell attempted to defend the impeachment of President Trump and at some point in his speech referred to 'God herself.'"

"Critics slammed Swalwell, saying that the congressman was compromised by Chinese spy Fang Fang and should not be trying to lecture people on live TV."

As the presenter spoke, an on-screen graphic criticized Swalwell for making a "controversial statement" about God.

Watch the video below from OAN.