Man arrested after plowing through Pentagon security checkpoints: 'I was trying to kill people'
FILE PHOTO: The Pentagon in Washington, U.S., is seen from aboard Air Force One, March 29, 2018. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas/File Photo

A man was arrested for allegedly driving through a security checkpoint outside the Pentagon last week with the intention to "kill people."

Tamirat Yehualawork drove a black Ford Expedition through a checkpoint Friday and broke off the drop arm, according to Pentagon police, who then tried to raise a secondary barrier to block the vehicle, but he was driving too fast and the barrier wasn't raised in time to stop him, reported WJLA-TV.

An officer tried to get his attention with a flashlight, but Yehualawork then drove toward him as the officer pointed his weapon at the vehicle and ignored his command to stop.

Police finally stopped Yehualawork by using their cruisers to pin his vehicle against a parked car near the Pentagon's south parking lot.

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“F*ck America," Yehualawork allegedly said as police took him into custody. “I hate America and I was trying to kill people."

Yehualawork appeared in court Tuesday and ordered held without bond by a Virginia judge, but it's not clear what charges he faces.

The Ethiopian national entered the U.S. on a visa and has no prior criminal record, but his current immigration status isn't clear.