Vice principal arrested after allegedly pushing 5-year-old into a metal cabinet and punching him in the head
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An IDEA Public Schools vice principal from Texas has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a 5-year-old who was misbehaving, KENS5 reports.

Tara Coleman Hunter, 53, is accused of pushing the boy into a metal cabinet and punching him “in the face or head." She was arrested Thursday by Bexar County deputies after the child’s mother contacted law enforcement.

The mother said the incident happened last Friday, but after several days of feeling like school officials “weren’t being forthcoming with her,” she chose to reach out to the police.

The mother showed pictures to police of bruises on the boy. The boy's recounting of the incident to police also "remained consistent."

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The incident apparently occurred after the boy became unruly and struck Hunter.

“[Hunter] then tried to make a counteraccusation against the young boy. There’s no doubt in our mind; he admits that he struck her,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said Thursday evening. “But this is a 5-year-old. Educators, especially school administrators like this, should be more than capable of handling that. As it looks now, this was handled way inappropriately.”

Hunter has been charged with bodily injury to a child, which is a third-degree felony.

San Antonio-area vice principal arrested after allegedly 'punching' 5-year-old boy