'That's some Handmaid's Tale stuff': MSNBC panel piles on GOPer Tate Reeves over his abortion comments
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Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves' comments about abortion while appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" set off a strong reaction on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show" after the Republican lawmaker dismissed concerns about women's health.

Reacting to the clip, MSNBC host Johnathan Capehart remarked that the Republican lawmaker sounded like a character out of the best-selling dystopian novel "The Handmaid's Tale" by Canadian author Margaret Atwood.

"Do you acknowledge that this step will result in some women and almost certainly getting seriously hurt, some even dying?" CNN host Jake Tapper asked on Sunday with Reeves responding, "Well, I certainly would hope that that would not be the case. But what I would tell you, Jake, is that since Roe was enacted since 1973, there have been 62 million American babies that have been killed through this process and I think that those babies in their mother's womb don't have the ability to stand up for themselves, and that's why they have to have people like me and others around this nation that for years have tried to stand up for unborn children."

"I read that in the last block," host Capehart commented. "But to hear him say those words is really rather chilling. That's some Handmaid's Tale stuff he is saying there."

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"It's so scary because what it shows is that he does not care about the lives of women," legal analyst Maya Wiley agreed. "And I mean the lives of women. Because what we know from data, from research, one, is that women are 14 times more likely to be seriously injured or die because they don't have an abortion than because they do. Abortions are significantly safer to the health of the woman when the woman chooses that."

"Let's be clear," she continued. "It's about having a choice. But the other part of this, and he's in Mississippi where over a third of the population is black. Black women, in particular, are dying of pregnancy-related conditions at four times the rate of women who are white -- four times. A lot of that is about access to quality healthcare, reproductive healthcare. There's only one clinic in Mississippi. That's about whether or not people have all the kinds of healthcare they need, not just pregnancy-related healthcare as well."

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