'Idiot' Ted Cruz brutally mocked for his Biden-bashing Breitbart column: 'Shows how hopelessly out of touch he is'

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on Fox News this Thursday and compared the Carter administration of the late 1970s to the current Biden administration, calling Biden "Jimmy Carter 2.0."

"...there's an analog in relatively recent history, and that's to Jimmy Carter," Cruz said. "And I believe Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0. We're five months into the Biden administration. We — we already have a gas crisis, gas lines, an inflation crisis, war in the Middle East. And the same sort of ideology and incompetence that the — that characterized the Carter regime, characterizes now the Biden-Harris regime, and it took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan."

Unsurprisingly, Cruz's critics on Twitter took exception to the comparison.