Ted Cruz's Senate antics backfire -- and now he's helped the 'Antiracist Baby' book become a bestseller
Hearing takes a bizarre turn as Ted Cruz grills Judge Jackson over ‘Antiracist Baby’ book

There’s news today for those who might believe Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is accomplishing nothing with his attacks on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at her Senate confirmation hearings.

Although it’s widely believed Cruz will have no success in preventing Jackson from being confirmed as the newest U.S. Supreme Court justice, Cruz is at least selling some books in the process of opposing her nomination, according to Chron.com.

Unfortunately for him, they are the sort of books he hates.

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“Ted Cruz has a difficult time staying out of the headlines and today is no different,” the Chron reported. “He’s skyrocketing book sales for Ibram X. Kendi’s picture book, Antiracist Baby, along with other antiracism lit, which you can be sure was not his intention If you haven’t been following along, Senator Cruz had the audacity to ask SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown, who is Harvard-educated, if she believes babies are racist.” The question was posed while Senator Cruz held a copy of Ibram X. Kendi’s picture book, Antiracist Baby, which explains that babies are taught to be racist or antiracist – and now it’s flying off the shelves.”

As writer Pamela Mahler suggests, the attacks on Jackson represent a good opportunity to teach a lesson to Cruz and his ilk:

“Get in on the action and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, but just haven’t gotten around to yet. Critical Race Theory, The End of Policing, and How To Be An Antiracist are all great, informative pieces of literature pertinent to our lifetime. And hey, there’s no time quite like the present to scoop one up!

“We suppose Ted Cruz’ ability to skyrocket sales for Ibram X. Kendi and other antiracism authors is relatively on-brand, considering he’s often been found to be contradictory. His stance against critical race theory and our collective evolution towards equity is only furthering the movement and we’re all for it. Let’s all grab a copy of Antiracist Baby today and show Senator Cruz the ways in which we plan to use his ignominy for the greater good.”