WATCH: Ted Cruz gets called out by a fellow Texas Republican for fleeing to Cancun

Texas Republican State Rep. Jeff Leach on Friday admitted on CNN that he was not happy to see Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) fly off the Cancun in the middle of his state's humanitarian disaster.

During his appearance on CNN, Leach was asked what he made of Cruz's decision to skip town while so many Texans were suffering without heat and electricity in the wake of a brutal winter storm.

"I wasn't happy about it and it was a mistake on his part," he said. "I'm glad to hear that he admitted last night that it was a mistake when he returned."

Leach then explained that actions such as Cruz's damage public trust in elected officials, and said it was important for lawmakers to show constituents that they care about their well being.

"It is important for us to show up and be present," he said. "Such a big part of leadership is being present and, as state representative for over 200,000 people north of Dallas, I'm here and present and I'm on the ground and available. I work for the people, not the other way around."

Watch the video below.