'I will work tirelessly': Ted Cruz tweets don't age well as he's accused of flying to Cancun amid Texas outages
Ted Cruz (© Alex Wong, AFP)

Past words came back to haunt Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday after he was accused of vacationing in Cancun amid a winter snow storm that left thousands without power in Texas.

Photos circulating on social media this week purportedly showed Cruz on a Wednesday flight from Houston to Cancun.

Former MSNBC anchor David Shuster confirmed that Cruz had traveled to Cancun with his famiily.

By Thursday, a number of Cruz's old tweets resurfaced and had not aged well.

"I got no defense," Cruz wrote earlier this month regarding the hypocrisy of his criticism of California's handling of a winter storm.

In another tweet, Cruz promised to "work hard each and every day."

"Today's Dems are the party of the rich," Cruz complained in a tweet from 2020.

Read the tweets below.