Cruz kids to miss a week of school in quarantine following Cancun vacation during Texas storm: report
Sen Ted Cruz. (CNN/Screenshot)

There are continuing implications from the decision by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife Heidi to flee Texas for Cancun during this week's winter storm.

"Three weeks before Sen. Ted Cruz embarked on his ill-fated Cancun trip to escape the aftermath of Texas's devastating winter storm, the elite K-12 Houston private school attended by his two daughters emailed a Covid warning to parents about international travel. The bottom line: St. John's School students who travel internationally must quarantine for 7 to 10 days upon their return. And they won't be able to even learn online while in isolation," Politico reported Friday.

"The rules, pegged to CDC guidelines, were sent Jan. 30 in reaction to a controversy that gripped the school after its winter break, when the 11th and 12th grade classes had to promptly quarantine because students attended holiday parties that led to multiple Covid-positive infections. A divide had formed between the parents and students who followed the safety guidelines and those who flouted them — a microcosm of the broader societal conflict that plays out daily across the nation," Politico explained. "The topic of the Cruz family's travel became so hot that administrators of the St. John's School Parents Facebook page closed down comments Friday on a post that referred 'to this recent communication from the school regarding ... advisories (including CDC requirements links) for international travel.'"

A spokesperson for Cruz said the senator's daughters will follow the school policy.

Cruz has admitted the trip was "obviously a mistake."

Politico interviewed Victoria Konar, a parent of a senior at the school.

"I don't feel badly for him," Konar said.

"You start with the fact that there are people ticked off by those who think they're the VIPs at this school who don't want to be bothered to follow the rules because it infringes on their social life. Then you've got people on top of that who don't like Ted Cruz," she said. "And then you have everyone irritated because they're freezing to death and can't bathe and can't eat and he's going off to the Ritz Carlton in Cancun and lying about it."