'Sold his soul to a failed game show host': MSNBC's Morning Joe piles on Ted Cruz for hapless feud against Liz Cheney

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough took potshots at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for continuing his hapless feud with Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Cruz accused the Wyoming Republican of acting more like a Democrat for criticizing Donald Trump, and Cheney questioned the Texas Republican's manhood for failing to defend his wife and father from the former president's insults, and "Morning Joe" watched with delight.

"When we are kids, we'd stick our hands on the hot stove -- ow -- and you don't keep doing it," Scarborough said. "Ted, he keeps going after Liz Cheney. Just move along, walk past the hot stove, because she's going to talk about he's not a real man for not standing up for his wife. I mean, my God, and she said he's not a real man for not standing up for his daddy. It's hard for me to believe, because he's from Texas. Most men I know in Texas, if you insult their wife or their daddies? I know Texans, they don't put up with that, and Liz understands, she's from Wyoming. In Wyoming, they don't take kindly to people accusing their daddy of murder and calling their wife ugly, but here is poor Ted, he's just going right along with it. Thanks to Liz Cheney, we're reminded of that once again."

During the 2016 primaries, Cruz questioned Trump's fitness for the White House and warned Republicans against his candidacy, but then he allowed the GOP nominee to slur his closest family members.

"Everything [Trump] said is either projection or confession, and that's exactly what was happening in that interview because, you know, I would say Liz Cheney, people like me, you, we look back at the Republican Party," Scarborough said. "You don't see me, like, crying on the show -- oh, I was wrong about deficits, I was wrong. No, I am who I am. I hope I'm maturing and growing in areas where I had blind spots, but I am who I am and Liz Cheney is who she is. Check the record, she had a 95-percent ACU rate, I had a 95-percent ACU rate. I've changed a little bit here and there, like everybody, does, but Ted Cruz sold his soul to a failed game show host and he's the one who's bobbing around like a pinball machine, like, 'Donald Trump is the most horrible human being ever, he's trash, and how dare he say that about my wife and how dare he say that about my dad assassinating JFK,' and Donald Trump gets power and suddenly suddenly, the pinball machine keeps going for Ted."

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