SNL mocks Ted Cruz's unpopularity in Facebook hearing skit
Saturday Night Live. (Screengrab)

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" took on the issue of senators with limited technical expertise regulating technology companies.

The show's opening skit imagined CSPAN coverage of a senate hearing with Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen.

"Yes, I was particularly drawn to your testimony about bullying online, how some teenagers and adult men are bullying almost constantly," Sen. Ted Cruz 9played by cast member Aidy Bryant) said.

"Yeah, it's very disturbing," Haugen replied.

"Yeah, so I'm wondering how do you turn off that feature on Facebook where everyone comments on all your posts and says you're bad and they hate you?" Cruz said.

"Well there's an option to turn off comments," she replied.

"Okay, excellent. And I'm also concerned about the toxic extremist groups you mentioned. I've seen groups with hateful names like 'Ted Cruz sucks' or 'Ted Cruz is the real Zodiac Killer' or 'How could Ted Cruz have kids when he a virgin?' Shouldn't we flag those as misinformation?" he asked.

"Well, 'Ted Cruz sucks' isn't really misinformation, it's just one person's opinion," she replied.

"Well, it's more than one person's opinion," Cruz noted.

Later in the skit, the dark web came up.

"That reminds me, is the dark web the same as Black Twitter?" Cruz asked.

The show was hosted by Kim Kardishian, with Halsey as the musical guest.