Disgraced megachurch pastor Ted Haggard faces new allegations of 'inappropriate touching' of young men
Ted Haggard speaking in the documentary "Jesus Camp." (Magnolia Pictures)

Former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard, who was taken down by scandal, is facing similar accusations from another church, The Denver Gazette reports.

Haggard, 66, is being accused of using methamphetamine and behaving inappropriately with young men at St. James Church in Colorado Springs, which he founded in 2010.

Haggard resigned from New Life Church in Colorado Springs after he was linked to a Denver male prostitute, admitting that he bought methamphetamine and paid the prostitute for massages. He was also accused of having a sexual relationship with a young man at his church.

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Now, Kirk “Seth” Sethman, who was an ordained minister at St. James Church, recorded statements from two young adult men who said Haggard touched them inappropriately on several occasions -- one of them was a minor at the time the touching.

"St. James has declined in membership in recent years and earlier this year sold its building. Haggard is still head pastor but has moved the church’s services and study sessions to his home and is now calling his new congregation the Storyhouse Church," Religion News Service reports.

Haggard was featured in the 2006 documentary "Jesus Camp," where he delivered a sermon denouncing homosexuality.

Ted Haggard Bashing Gays - from JESUS CAMP the Movie ON DVD www.youtube.com