‘Obnoxious and morally wrong’: Ted Lieu goes off on GOP’s ‘temper tantrum’
Ted Lieu / office of Rep. Ted Lieu

California Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu told Raw Story on Friday that "extreme MAGA Republicans are batsh*t crazy."

Lieu, who was sworn in to the California legislature in the fall of 2005 and elected to Congress in 2014, was asked to reflect on how much things had changed during his political career.

"A huge amount has changed," he told Raw Story.

"Number one, extreme MAGA Republicans are batsh*t crazy and they want to criminalize women's health care, they want to ban birth control pills," Lieu said. "I mean, it's the 21st century, they want to have government ban birth control pills?"

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"They want to attack democracy and end Social Security," he continued. "So that's where the other side is."

Lieu, who retired from the Air Force Reserve with the rank of colonel in 2021, had harsh words for the Republicans who blocked the burn pit bill they had previously supported.

"And then they just flipped their votes because they threw a temper tantrum," Lieu said. "It is obnoxious and morally wrong."

With additional reporting by Matt Laslo.

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