MAGA candidate rants about 'purple-haired sissy' reporters after being asked about past abuse allegations
Newsmax/screen grab

On Wednesday, Rolling Stone's Hunter Walker reported that Teddy Daniels, a pro-Trump candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, is facing allegations of domestic abuse and of misconduct during his time as a law enforcement officer.

"Daniels’ ex-wife claimed in court that he was 'physically and mentally abusive' during their marriage and later harassed her at her workplace, and both she and another woman have accused him of being negligent in paying child support," reported Walker. "Court records reveal that during his career as an officer he was the subject of an 'internal affairs investigation' that concluded he had engaged in 'unbecoming conduct' by 'providing deceptive information to an investigator' and 'using official state record for personal reasons.' Local newspaper accounts also indicate that Daniels was suspended and ultimately agreed to separate from a different police department in 2010."

In the domestic violence allegation, Daniels' ex-wife specifically alleged to a Maryland court that he had “pushed, kicked, and hit” her, and once "kicked in" a door in an incident that left her forearm "bruised." The other woman alleging he was delinquent on child support told a similar story, saying he had “engaged in conduct which has been threatening” to her.

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Daniels has responded to the allegations by lashing out at Rolling Stone.

In response to requests for comment, he said, “Given that the Liberal rag Rolling Stone idolizes the Boston bomber, it is no surprise they’d grasp at non existent straws in printing FALSE, and MALICIOUS ALLEGATIONS to try to defame a wounded combat veteran, decorated police officer, and leading candidate in Pennsylvania just like they did to Donald Trump with the Russia Hoax and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.”

In a separate Facebook post in January, he said, "Every sh*t rag liberal paper in the country has come after me. ... I survived combat. Nothing that these man bun wearing purple-haired sissies can do to me can hurt me.”

Daniels, according to the report, has been an outspoken proponent of former President Donald Trump's "Big Lie" that the 2020 election was stolen, and has vowed to "revamp" elections in Pennsylvania.

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