‘Coincidence’: Two Tennessee cities each suffer two nearby shootings

On Monday, WJHL reported that the city of Kingsport, Tennessee suffered two unrelated shootings near each other at the same time.

"KPD Public Information Officer Tom Patton said it was a coincidence that both shooting incidents took place around the same time and location along Virgil Avenue in the Lynn Garden community," reported Kaylyn Kluck. "At 9:50 p.m. Sunday night, KPD was called to the scene of a shooting near a church on Virgil Avenue. Upon arrival, they found all parties involved had left the scene. A police report says there was blood in the street near a shell casing and a hatchet."

This report comes just as another city in Tennessee, Knoxville, is also facing two concurrent shootings on the same day near each other, including a mass shooting at Austin-East High School that has left several injured including a police officer. The series of events was so confusing that local news even got them mixed up while reporting on new developments.

Watch the report on the Kingsport shootings below: