10-year-old dies from COVID-19 just days after first developing a headache
Teresa Sperry. (WAVY-TV)

A 10-year-old girl in Virginia died from COVID-19 just days after becoming ill.

Teresa Sperry, a fifth-grader at Hillpoint Elementary School in Suffolk, developed a headache Sept. 22 that lasted into the weekend, when she took a turn for the worse, reported WAVY-TV.

"On Sunday, she started getting sick, and she was coughing up so much that she started throwing up," said her father, Jeff Sperry. "I was trying to do chest compressions [and] I went in the room and she wasn't breathing while I was on the phone."

She got even sicker Monday at Children's Hospital for the King's Daughters, where her heart stopped.

"They came into room, and they told me it didn't look good, and then I watched them do chest compressions and they had a defibrillator or taking turns and trying to bring her back," said her mother, Nicole Sperry.

Teresa was pronounced dead Monday at 4:46 p.m., less than five full days since she first showed signs of illness.

Both of her parents have been vaccinated but Teresa was not yet eligible, and her mother said some parents in her area still don't understand the severity of the pandemic.

"While I was sitting next to my dead daughter, there was a Chesapeake School Board meeting, and people were saying, 'This does not affect healthy people, this does not kill healthy people, it is not going to take out children -- it's over,'" Nicole Sperry said. "Well, I am here to tell you it is not over. If it were over my daughter would still be alive."

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