Former FBI agents Clint Watts and Frank Figliuzzi agreed that there was something different about the Waukesha mass casualty event than previous incidents.

Watts pointed out that if the driver had wanted to kill as many people as possible, why would he swerve around trying not to hit anybody?

"It was a very unusual video, and I having looked at other terrorist attacks which were vehicle-borne attacks," said Watts. "They are quite different. I am confused of what to make of it. The driver in some places seemed to deliberately mow over people and other places to dodge them. So, I think there is a lot to learn to be honest, and I don't think we should probably jump to any conclusions right at the outset because it is very strange if you've watched any of the video and there is a lot of it online I would not encourage people to watch it because it is traumatic. It is a very strange incident."

He went on to say that the event had a heavy police presence and that terrorists look for places where there isn't law enforcement.

"Usually, a vehicle-borne attack, if the goal is to produce lots of casualties, they wouldn't stop and only hit one person," Watts continued. "What is odd in the video is at times the vehicle seems to be hitting and colliding with people apparently deliberately other times not. That is unusual. It is also strange in terms of circumstances with the barricades. There was a heavy law enforcement presence. This is known. They knew there was a parade and there would be law enforcement."

"A lot of the other vehicle-borne attacks do the reverse and seek out places like in Barcelona where they know there is no law enforcement presence so they can inflict the most damage," he continued. "Is this a symbolic event? Is this related to other criminal activity we don't know about? There are a lot of confusing things in the video that don't match with what I've seen from other vehicle-borne attacks on places of high population density like the west side highway for example."

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