Texas mom went through 'nightmare' after being denied treatment for miscarriage: CNN
Marlena Stell (Screen cap via CNN)

CNN on Monday profiled a mother in Texas who went through what the network described as a "nightmare" after being denied treatment after suffering a miscarriage because her doctor feared being sued under Texas's anti-abortion law.

In an interview with CNN, Texas mom Marlena Stell explained that her suffered a miscarriage after becoming pregnant last year, but that her doctor would not perform an operation to remove the dead fetus from her body because they could be targeted by anti-abortion activists who have been empowered by a law passed last year that allows ordinary citizens to sue anyone who helps in delivering an abortion.

Stell said the fetus stuck inside her was causing her increasing pain to the point where she had difficulty walking. She eventually found a doctor willing to perform the procedure to remove it, but only after undergoing yet another ultrasound to ensure that the fetus was actually dead.

Stell also told CNN that she does not want to try to have another child so long as she's living in Texas.

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"I'm worried about getting infected, have something happen to me and then my daughter is left without her mom," she said of the prospect of suffering another miscarriage that would not be treated.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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