Texas voters serve notice to the GOP they haven't forgotten the devastating 2021 energy grid collapse: report
Greg Abbott announced the reopening of Texas by lifting state capacity limits on businesses and the masking requirement. - Lynda M. Gonzalez/The Dallas Morning News/TNS

According to a report from the Daily Beast, voters in Texas who are already heading to the polls for their early primary, are still furious about the power grid failure of 2021 and are indicating that they will be holding the Republican Party in charge responsible.

The Beast's Ursula Perano is reporting that Democrats in Texas have plans to hang the disastrous event accompanying a historic cold snap that led to the deaths of at least 256 Texans around the necks of the GOP leadership.

Speaking with the Beast, one woman described her travails as her family fought to survive and indicated she will be holding the powers that be responsible when it's time to vote.

"[Sarah] Williams, her husband, and their two young children—one a newborn and one still in diapers—were staying with family in the area when the power went down due to a failure of the state’s electricity grid. They bundled inside as the weather outside turned deadly, sweeping across the state and resulting in at least 246 deaths," the report states before adding that Williams recalled, "We were at one of the most vulnerable points in our lives."

"A year later, Williams says she now constantly thinks about emergency preparedness and stockpiles supplies for her family in case the grid goes down again, worrying for her kids and their grandparents down the road. She lacks confidence that changes by the state genuinely fixed the power-grid’s resilience—calling it 'sad and frustrating,'" the report continued.

According to a woman identified as Cynthia, she is angry with lawmakers who spent time on the abortion ban and restricting voting rights and have done little to address the energy needs of Texas in the year since the debacle.

"Cynthia calls herself 'lucky' to have only lost power for 25 hours during the 2021 winter storm, which she weathered out at home. 'It was all negative stuff,' she said of policies passed by state lawmakers this past year, adding that the grid 'definitely is an issue' for her this election cycle. Williams also said the grid will be 'top of mind' this November," Perano reported.

The report notes that recent polling should concern Republicans with only a handful of respondents pleased with what has transpired in the past year.

"A poll conducted of Texans between Feb. 21-22 showed there’s a bipartisan concern for the grid, with about 82 percent of respondents are 'very concerned' or 'somewhat concerned' about the grid. More than half of the poll’s respondents identified as Republicans," the Best report noted before adding, "A separate poll from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune conducted in October found only 18 percent of respondents approve of how state leadership handled the grid failures."

According to Jim Henson, co-director of the UT poll, "Our polling shows that, despite high-profile attention paid to the issue by Republican incumbents who must politically own the response due to their dominance of state government, most Texans have consistently shown little confidence that the response will prevent future problems."

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