Texas school superintendent left his gun in bathroom where it was found by third grader
Child holding gun (Shutterstock)

A school superintendent in Rising Star, Texas is taking criticism from some local residents after he left his gun in a school bathroom, where it was found minutes later by a third-grade student.

Local news station KTXS reports that Rising Star Independent School District Superintendent Robby Stuteville got called out at a school board meeting for leaving his firearm in an elementary school bathroom stall, where it was later found by a student who reported it to his teacher.

“For our kids' protection, we need someone who is more responsible with a gun,” said local resident Elizabeth Lee, whom KTXS reports has two grandchildren in the school system. "Mr. Stuteville is a good man. But that was irresponsible."

According to local station KTAB, local police are now investigating the incident, which occurred last month but was not disclosed until last week.

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In an interview with KTAB, Stuteville insisted that there was "never a danger other than the obvious" to the student who found his gun in the bathroom.

He also praised the student for immediately going to his teacher to report the firearm rather than picking it up and playing with it.

“This is one of those examples of guns in schools," Stuteville said of the weapon that he left in a bathroom stall for a third grader to find. “Regardless of who takes responsibility, they are a considerable danger and one should school their child to be on the lookout for any unusual placement of a weapon or anything out of place.”