Texas school investigating after white students send slur-riddled lynching threat in prom group chat
Upset black woman (Shutterstock)

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that a school district in East Bernard Texas, just southwest of Houston, is investigating after a prom group chat reportedly took a racist turn, with white students posting slurs and even a lynching threat.

"A group of East Bernard High students started a text thread on Dec. 6 about their upcoming prom in February, according to ABC 13 Houston," reported Brooke Leigh Howard. "But the conversation soon took an ugly turn, from discussing a party bus as transportation to violent, hateful comments about Black students ... In the text thread, one white student allegedly wrote 'no Black people allowed' on the party bus, and another student agreed. One student followed up on the thread by saying, 'All N—s must hang.'"

According to the report, Black students report being horrified by the incident — and fearful for their safety.

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"After the chat was shared between students and eventually made its way to parents, East Bernard Independent School District Superintendent Courtney Hudgins released a statement, saying that a full investigation was being launched and extra security would be provided at the school 'as a precautionary measure to ensure student safety and minimize disruption to the instructional day,'" as well as counseling services.

This comes amid a series of high-profile racist incidents at schools around the country, including a California school where the N-word was spray-painted near a Black assistant principal's parking space.