Texas has a new crisis compounding blackouts — natural gas is ‘just frozen right now’: GOP governor
Greg Abbott speaks to Fox News on Feb. 1, 2015. (screen grab)

Republicans in Texas have been harshly criticized for "typical hee-haw thinking" that has resulted in power outages during the winter storm impacting The Lone Star State.

There are currently 4.3 million Texans without power and the crisis is now even worse as the storm is freezing natural gas.

In a Tuesday interview with WFAA-TV, Gov. Gregg Abbott (R-TX) said he had tried to increase power production, but natural gas is frozen.

"It's just frozen right now. It's frozen in the pipeline. It's frozen at the rig. It's frozen at the transmission line," natural gas providers reportedly told him.

Here is the thread on the interview WFAA-TV reporter Jay Wallis posted to Twitter: